Every project is unique and everyone likes to do things differently. We like to access and fit our processes around the client’s needs, preferences and business structure. Our small scale but large network enables us to assemble specialised teams involving the best talented professionals to deliver a great service, giving the best chances to achieve success.

Working with large and well established companies has brought us invaluable experience in business and manufacturing. Working with small startups has connected us to the incredible pool of tech savvy Londoners and fast-paced, strategic methodologies used to attract investment and market reach. Combining the best of these two worlds we have brought great value to our clients by empowering them to access areas beyond design and creating strong and well bonded business relationships based on trust.



We specialise in Industrial Design. Shape, aesthetics and form factor. These are our nuts and bolts.

We couple these areas with our knowledge of user research, branding and strategy to understand trends and user needs. Which inform our design decisions. We pride ourselves on developing ideas that deeply answer our clients’ vision and create products that really fit within their audience’s demands.

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We think about manufacturing early in the process and will hand-hold the experimentation from prototyping all the way to final production. Our up to date understanding of materials and processes allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible to make. This gives us an edge as we ensure that innovative ideas don’t die on paper.

We work closely with our suppliers and production partners to achieve the best results in a cost effective way. We care about sustainability and will always propose solutions that are made to last, are repairable and recyclable.

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Fabio Salvador

Director and Senior Industrial Designer


Jose Vidal Jimenez

Design Engineer and Mechatronics Hacker


Lara Sengupta

Business Developer




Each project with the Makers Department is a collaborative effort, which means you are part of the team. The Makers Department is not only the two of us but all of us collectively. Let’s work together.