At Makers Department, we aim to reclarify the story of your product and make it comprehensible.

Resist over-complicated design and connect with your users.



Our essence is in the making and our approach is to build, measure and learn from anything we do in the studio.

Because every project is unique we strategically adapt our process for the specific needs of our clients. 


Located in East London our working space combines a creative desk area with a resourceful workshop.




User Research

We encourage the involvement of users at very early stages of our process. We organize user interviews and user trials so we more easily validate ideas for further development. 


Conceptual Design

We answer problems with creative solutions considering manufacturing constrains. We like to co-create with our clients therefore we organize ideation sessions and regular conceptual reviews where we showcase ideas, criticize them and make key decisions before further development.   



We develop concepts into engineered prototypes that can be both functional and/or cosmetically finished. To achieve this we offer 3D design and prototyping services. 



We offer production management and in-house small batch assembly work. We have a network of suppliers with a variety of expertises in the mass-production field.  


Each project with the Makers Department is a collaborative effort, which means you are part of the team. The Makers Department is not only the two of us but all of us collectively. Let’s work together.