Re Juices

Shake it up!

separation is normal.


Confusing brand and logo was giving the users a pharmacy feeling about the product.

Users did not follow the "opening" instructions. They would not read the label.



Empowering the thumb.

Shaking for a mix of vitamins.

Different densities create a molecular separation that needs to be shaken to allow the perfect blend of vitamins.


Transparency materials and label to enhance what matters. A bigger cap for a bigger logo and tinier hands was designed as well.


Great recipes deserve greatest protagonist

Engaging icons designed to communicate the feelings created by drinking these juices.


Understanding manufacturing.

Rubbery thick labels to be placed by hand. System of labels designed to allow great flexibility on preparing the packaging for the end-consumer for a brand that works alongside with nature: using the best ingredients that are on each season. Scalable design for label machine


Since rebranding and packaging strategy. Re Ltd has triple their followers in social media and has sold more than 2000000 juices in Kuwait. Currently expanding to other countries in Middle East.