Product Development

The brand required a short-term intervention to lift the quality of their current product range. We have designed solutions to improve the control experience and everyday usage of the products.

Packaging Design

The packaging was thought through to be flat-packed. Simplifying the previous line of packaging into beautiful clean recyclable cardboard packaging that required no glue.


Simple to understand! Simple to use! 

Magnitone Fullmonty


Showcase vs Function

Confusing induction charging dock that fits device facing backwards.


Over complicated controls poorly designed. Difficult to understand.


A charging dock! A face!

The main interpreter of Magnitone products are their brush-heads and how these work with Vibrasonic technology. Therefore Magnitone marketed their products with imagery featuring the front part of the device. 



Magnitone Fullmonty


Designed for the shower.

In 80% of the cases Magnitone consumers use their brushes in the shower. We have designed shower-holder that can fit their different devices and brush-heads keeping these clean and in the correct position. This helps to keep the brushes dry, which avoids bacteria generation inside the bristles.



Pure. Clean. Packaging.


Packaging with no shine.

Magnitone products were packed in complex packaging made in Asia with a mix of plastic and cardboard. The packaging required the assembling and packaging process in the same place.


A design concept made reality.